15 Days with Them

That half-month, 360 hours or 15 days living with these crazy people was too short. We lived in a 4 storey art gallery occupying the 3rd and 4th floor.  We’re 27 in total, no wifi, no mattress, no air-condition, with 4 bathrooms, 2 showers, skulls, black birds and one cute dinosaur.


From different nations, I thought we will be having a problem, I thought the 15 day household would be so hard for all of us. But then, I saw how the Lord works in our household. Because there’s no wifi, we’re obliged to interact with one another. Here are the 15 reasons why I would miss these crazy people.

15. The Chilli Game!


When you get the highest value of cards, you need to eat a chilli while doing push-ups or sit-ups. Intense game for the Filipinos (Indians and Malaysians are used to eat chilli).

14. “The Dish Wash Song”


You gotta do the dishwash Do the dishwash (x4)

With the pots and the pans (Pots and the pans)

Have lights no fans (Have lights no fans) (x4)

13. Jamming Sessions


Most of the brothers in Central household are musically gifted.

12. Fans


Our fans during our morning prayers.

We’re surrounded by our fans everyday and every night.

11. Spice and everything nice.


Chicken masala powder, Curry powder, Chilli powder, Jeera, Rai, Alu Muttar

Of course, it is spicy! Well, most of it.

10. Talks and Sharings


Morning talks, Bible study, sharing our meditation and fruit of our prayer time.

9. Indian and Malaysian Food


This is sausage and veggies, egg curry and dal. I forgot to take picture of Chicken Masala and Ginger with coconut milk rice. What do you expect, it’s spicy yet delicious! Sedap! Swadisht!

8. Football addict


If Filipinos are basketball fanatics, these guys from India and Malaysia are Football addicts!

7. Pimp my ride


Our service going to the farm in Bataan. Ole ole ole!

6. Attending Ligaya events


Attending community events would not be the same without you guys!

5. Long travel


credits to Aron Fereira


credits to Aaron Aguan

I think we spent 1/3 of prep 15 inside the L300, Starex and Tan Mobil.

4. One to ones


That simple conversation that you didn’t notice that you’re exchanging lives already. Simple conversation really means a lot.

3. Bulita


We do this to wake up people. Also a form of gift for a birthday celebrant.

2. Morning prayers, Prayer time, Worship




Building up one another in prayer time was a great blessing for all of us.

1. Reaching out





This is the most memorable part of prep 15. In spite of language barrier, you still reached out to the Aeta Kids. They might not understand you, but they felt your compassion and love. Even in that short time you spent with them, they felt the love of God through your small ways like hugging, kissing, playing with them, teaching them action songs, giving them food and by just simply smiling at them.


When I look at each of you, I see two things. I see builder of forts. Second, I see a good man who will always be there, no matter how hard life gets for me or him.

Terima kasih sangat sangat! Bahut bahut skuhriya! Thank you very much Kairos Prep 15 Central Household!


4 thoughts on “15 Days with Them

  1. Im gonna miss u all really bad….
    I hope v meet again…
    I just wanna thank each n every1 of u… 4 being a part of my life during these 15 memorable days…. Love you all…

    N well written Jette…☺☺

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